Jan 3, 2011

An Epiphany Blessing

Journey of the Magi: James Tissot

If you have some chalk lying around the house or could certainly buy some soon, you may want to follow the custom of blessing your homes this Epiphany week.  However, if you find that chalk won't write on your door, as I did, feel free to sign them in any alternative way. Mark the lintel above your doors with the letters and + sign you see posted above.  Why? 

The three letters of "C, M, B" are the traditional names of the three Magi who came in search of the "King of the Jews," who they discovered was the child Jesus.  Their names? - "Caspar, Mechior, and Balthazar."  (Some translations state: Gaspar instead of Caspar.)

The custom may be understood in this way.  If the letters are marked on the inside of the front door of the home or whatever door is most often used for all the coming and going of family life, imagine you journey with the Magi each time you leave your home. 

As you journey you go in search of Christ.  Search for the Christ in your place of work, in the home of friends and family, in the sick and the poor, in your fellow parishioners, in the simple tasks of everyday life or in wherever, whatever, or whoever may be the purpose of your journey out from your home. 

When you find Christ there - rejoice with the Magi for you too have now seen the gift of the Father among us. In the face of your co-worker, your friend, your family member, a stranger in the grocery store, in the passenger who sits next to you in the car you drive, in the smile of a parishioner - Christ can be found there.  

Like the Magi - we tell others all that we have seen and heard. 

Lord God of Heaven and earth,
You revealed your only begotten Son to every nation
by the guidance of a star. 
Bless our coming and going,
Lead us to see your presence
in all of our brothers and sisters and in our daily encournters.
Guide us as you guided the Magi
and lead us safely home to heaven.