May 13, 2011

Prayer to know the Shepherd's will

Tissot: The Good Shepherd

To Do Your Will

God who made Abraham and Sarah,
Moses and Miriam,
God who made scholars and leaders,
The wise and the heroic,
What is my place and my purpose?
What is Your will for this man / woman who stands ready,
In awe of Your radiance and light?
God whose voice echoes though time,
Whose blessings flow through our lives,
What is my role and my requirement?
How shall I serve Your glorious and holy name?

This is my longing and my desire:
To do Your will in humility and love.
To hear and to teach.
To see and to bless,
To hold and to honor.
To witness and to wonder.

God of generations,
Source of holiness and purpose,
Reveal the mystery of my life,
Open the gates of my heart,
And fill the well of my being
With vigor and delight.

Then my life will stand in tribute to divine justice and mercy,
To the wonder of creation,
To the honor and dedication of our people.
Blessed is the One, Source of truth,
Who reveals meaning and purpose in our daily lives.