May 3, 2012

World population control - by total access to Abortion??

I ran across this very troubling article which relates a recent public statement by General Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations.  His proposal is startling but the reaction needs to be a resounding - NEVER! Of all the possiblities to "control world population" this is not the way to do so.

Yes, many youth are sexually active but many are not!  Education, compassion, adult responsibility, parental responsibility, faith based organizations need to step up even more courageously but I think one of the most affective for the youth, would be the youth themselves.

Across the board millions of young people have joined in public and peaceful displays in defense of the unborn.  Why are their voices not reported in the secular press?  Is there an agenda at work that is blinded to the truth? Yes.  In this season of Resurrection and new life for all humankind, it is that hope which should sustain us.

Click on the link below.  A symptom of our times and a call to witness and prayer for sure.