Sep 4, 2012

"God, move over, you're in the way!"

We all are products of our culture and in this Presidential election year here in the United States, we see the rise of emotions and the deep rooted loyalties of so many on both sides of the political parties. 

I normally would steer away from political commentary here but I was struck this evening, more than just surprised and also deeply concerned, when I heard that the official platform of the Democrats have deliberately removed any reference to God from their platform’s language. To say it was just an oversight is ridiculous.

Why would the Democrats do this – take out all reference to God from their official proposal as to which way American society should be reshaped as they plan for the future?

Well, two issues that have been incorporated with great fanfare, and by doing so, clearly reflect the mind of our President, are same-sex “marriage” and the right to unrestricted abortion and it is no secret that open support of Planned Parenthood, the nations largest abortion provider, is assured. Perhaps in a moment of clear thinking, they realized that any serious belief in God is incompatible with these two hot-button social and moral issues. God’s Law can rain on our parade at times.  The Ten Commandments are not optional choice or mere suggestions. 

So, rather than confuse the two or open themselves (Democratic Party) up for further criticism, any reference to the Divine was removed. Thereby, one’s conscience need not be troubled as marriage is reformed and the child in the womb, and her mother, are enshrined as expendable since God and his revealed Law is now mute.

More troubling still is a label placed upon any opposition; the smoke screen that is blinding us to the truth.  Perhaps the media is the cause of this, maybe other forces but it is out there.  That is, if you say that you are opposed to same-sex “marriage,” you’re a Bigot.  If you oppose the killing of innocent unborn human life and feel that abortion needs to be prevented since the right to life always trumps the right to choose, you’ve declared a war on women.

Is the label of “bigot” and the “war on women” charge a distortion and change of reference point to skew the truth about these? -  Sure seems so. Remember how Abortion was renamed, “pro-choice?”  How can any true American be opposed to free choice?  Think about what’s happening here!

The words of the Catholic essayist G.K. Chesterton throw some light on this deliberate choice.  Chesterton is quoted:  "When a man ceases to believe in God, he does not believe in nothing, he believes in anything.” The less God language we use, the fewer times we refer to him in any conscious way, the more freedom we have to “believe in anything” goes.

Another reason for removing any reference to God from their platform perhaps was pressure from Atheist organizations who found a listening ear among a certain group within the platform committee.  In an effort to be open-minded and inclusive and not offend Atheist Americans, God was removed. 

So, we become the moral core of our own beliefs and society becomes a composite collection of individual rights with individuals competing for their preferred rights.  If God is no longer in the picture, then anything can be justified as good as long as “I don’t hurt anybody.” Situational ethics as to what is true:  Well, it all depends on the situation.

This really isn't specifically about one political party as much as a reflection of our culture today which has become more and more indifferent and/or hostile to religion. Yet, one party, with all the media resources available to it, has without blush, embraced extreme cultural and social restructuring in a dangerous social experiment. We’re in trouble folks if this keeps up because it not only changes our attitudes it also changes our culture to care less about the common good and more about what is best for me. - what I am "entitled" to or what is my individual "right."  As the saying goes, words are culture. Religion with its absolute moral norms, especially Christiantiy, is just in the way of such "foreward" movement.   

God, give us a discerning heart and a humble spirit before you. Help us to do what is right and not worry about being popular or re-elected or famous.

P.S. As of 9/5/12, the word "God" was apparently reinstated in the platform due to embarassment.  Here is the new wording: "We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential." Evidently, there was strong objection to even make this addition.  Yet, if there was no objection in the media press, would it have been changed? 

Just some thoughts.  Feel free to comment at the "comment" line below.