Oct 9, 2012

An amazing experience

Back home safe and sound after an amazing pilgrimage.  So much to share and reflect upon in the days to come.  It is a constant experience in Europe of the contrast we have with that old and ancient land.  We as American are mere babes when it comes to history and culture.  These lands, and in particular Poland, have been touched by joys and great sorrows and suffering.  As a result the Catholic Church has been the main instrument in preserving the culture and hope of a suffering people. 

In our travels, the day we spent at the Auschwitz concentration Camp was particularly moving.  The comprehension of such a great evil upon an innocent people was appalling but necessary to preserve this tragic sight so as to never forget this very dark history. Though the vast majority who were exterminated in these camps were Jews, a great number were of other ethnic races and priests and religious women were targeted as well.

By contrast the great privilege we were given to celebrate holy Mass before the Icon of the Black Madonna in Czestochowa, Jasna Gora Poland was an exceptional surprise. It was an honor we never expected and all recognized it as a gift from God. Likewise, the visit to the Shrine of Divine Mercy and the writings of St. Faustina put a cap upon a marvelous trip. 

Will share more but for now, we give thanks to God for all things.

Our Group after Mass before the Black Madonna - Jasna Gora Monastery
Czestochowa, Poland
This was an exceptional privilege given to us that we never expected!