Mar 14, 2013

An unbelievable picture below:

Yes, you're seeing correctly.  The man with the white skull cap, one seat back from the front, is
Pope Francis I!  With his brother Cardinals who elected him Pope, he decided to shun the papal limousine and ride the bus with them today.  Then went back to the hotel to pay his bill!! With what - the Pope Visa? "Thanks your Holiness but it's on the house." The next thing is when he'll be seen in St. Peter's square greeting tourists to Vatican City.   
All kidding aside but our Holy Father is the definition of Christian integrity. Are we in for a new direction? The Pope of the people - John XXIII has returned. What a marvelous example, as St. Francis himself taught, for us Pastors, no matter at what level of leadership.  It's going to take some getting used to for sure.