Jul 16, 2013

Pope Francis and Church reform

Pope Francis has been under the fascination of both the secular and the religious media since his election last March 13.  I learned to day that Vanity Fair Italy (magazine) has named Pope Francis - "Man of the Year in Italy." A surprising secular source. Though of Italian heritage, he isn't Polish or German or even European in his experience. Among our European Popes there have been great Saints and sinners both. Yet, a much needed reform, updating, of the Vatican ("a Renaissance Court?") and the Universal Church, begun by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, is now actively underway with a stark difference by this Pope of the people; this Papal parish priest. This man walks the walk and leads gently but clearly by word and example. A model for present day Catholicism indeed.  

The link to the article below presents an inspiring perspective on our present Holy Father and his consistency with his two predecessors, Blessed, soon to be Saint, John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. 

But, there is no doubt that Pope Francis has already begun to shift significantly the focus of the Church.  Take some time to click on the link below, read the article and feel free to comment below. 

Peace and all Good