Apr 10, 2014

The Holiest of Weeks

The week called "Holy" is upon us once again.  With all the signs of spring, the warmer weather, sunshine, and budding flowers, it may be more challenging to enter the darkness and foreboding of next week's events: the betrayal of Judas, the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the abandonment of the Apostles, the denial of Peter, the suffering of torturous scourging and crucifixion. Yet we, unlike the Apostles themselves, already know the eventual outcome so maybe this is tempered by our knowledge of the glorious resurrection events and the joy of the fifty days of celebration in the Easter season.

Still, it is good for us prepare for these events.  We can take them beyond liturgical structure and remember that they happened in true life.  Below is a link that could be helpful to all of us as we begin once again to recall the overwhelming sacrifice of Jesus for us and why we are privileged to call ourselves Christians.

A blessed week ahead and more will come: