Jun 23, 2016

Unless we live our faith:

"Preaching the Gospel to the whole world means living it. We cannot preach unless we live.  It is all very nice to talk about it; it is beautiful to sit in the evening and discuss the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, but it doesn't get us anywhere.  We go to Mass. We receive the Body and Blood of Christ, a mystery beyond any mystery.  A mystery of love in a cup!  And a piece of bread! things so familiar to all of us.  And yet they contain within themselves God!  We are receiving God, communicating with God.  Now let us communicate with each other!  Let us show that we are Christians!  Make it so that others can touch it. We are weak, sinful and unimportant.  But we must try to live the Gospel with our lives."

(Catherine de Hueck Doherty, Grace in Every Season)