Feb 11, 2013

As we prepare for Lent:

Fasting and Feasting for Lent 2013:

            Through the grace of our Lord Jesus, we die to what is not of Jesus in us during Lent. We look forward to renewing our Baptismal Promises at Easter when we will share more fully in the life of the Risen Christ.

Fast from judging others - Feast on seeing Christ

Fast from seeing differences - Feast on unity

Fast from the darkness of sin - Feast on the light of Christ

Fast from illness - Feast on the healing of God

Fast from words that tear down - Feast on words that heal

Fast from discontent - Feast on gratitude

Fast from anger - Feast on patience

Fast from pessimism - Feast on optimism

Fast from worry - Feast on trust

Fast from complaining - Feast on appreciation

Fast from being negative - Feast on thinking positive

Fast from hostility - Feast on peace

Fast from bitterness - Feast on forgiveness

Fast from self-centeredness - Feast on compassion

Fast from anxiety - Feast on trust

Fast from discouragement - Feast on hope

Fast from tearing down - Feast on building-up

Fast from thoughts that depress - Feast on hope

Fast from gossip - Feast on praise

Fast from feeling overwhelmed - Feast on peacefulness

Fast on judging others - Feast on kindness

Fast from possessions - Feast on simplicity

Fast from talking - Feast on listening

Fast from sadness - Feast on joy

Fast from helplessness - Feast on taking action

Fast from independence - Feast on accepting help

Fast from rush and noise - Feast on solitude

Fast from trying to be “in charge” - Feast on “letting go”

Fast from being so serious - Feast on good humor

Fast from deadening routine - Feast on something new

Fast from being stubborn - Feast on being open

Fast on saying prayers - Feast on praying prayers

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